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Ad Auction

How it works

  • When you purchase an ad space, it will stay there for a minimum of 2 weeks.

  • When the timer runs out that ad spot can be purchased for a higher price then before.

  • Your ad will stay on the page as long as no one out bids your spot after 2 weeks.

  • Prices will start low and increase with every ad purchase for that spot. You can Bid up to $10 higher then last bid, your ad will stay untel the next person Pays your last bid plus a minnimum $1 increase.(after 2 weeks) 

  • Payments can be made in Crypto, and Paypal.

  • We have the right to change ad space price if need be after 3 monthes if no movement and all other ad spaces are full.

  • If site ever closes we have no refund options(we dont see this happening)

  • We have the right to disapprove of any ad.

Must have Gmail - Faster and easier

Any email - Extra Steps

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