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Free Bitcoin Cash App

Be sure to get the world's most popular free Bitcoin Cash app! Earn free Bitcoin Cash by playing games, doing surveys and more!
Easy payouts weekly, directly to your wallet! No Withdraw request needed! just link your wallet and start earning!

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Bitcoin Aliens

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Be sure to do the Playtime offers! Its one of the easiest ways to earn huge amounts of free Bitcoin Cash!

How to below or watch videos in video gallery!

- Go to Playtime offers on Free Bitcoin Cash App and download an app from the list. (watch for x2 promotion to download new offers, promotion lasts until you finish all tasks)

- Go to Playtime offers and open new game and play game, sleep, do something else, as long as game is open you will earn.

Hint - Offer will continue to 2nd part of offer after completing first minute, no need to leave game to continue getting next reward.

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