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Get your own Page(s) for your platform

Get your own page on to have a place to share your platform wether it be a mobile app, website, Crypto casino, crypto wallet, airdrops and more! We will always be crypto friendly and you will always have a place to share your crypto related platforms with us!

  • Platforms that work on both mobile and computer will be required to purchase 2 pages for either to be displayed on

  • Pages are lifetime purchases (we have the right to revoke page without refund)

  • Update your page when necessary

  • You can only have one page per platform, per device for a total of 2 pages per Platform (Computer, Mobile)

  • We have the right to add our links to your pages for referrals

  • Example of good referral system - 15% or more of every referred users earnings.

  • Example of bad referral systems - less then 10% of every referred users eanings

  • (If referral system is ever changed we have the right to delete page with out refund)

  • we accept crypto and PayPal, we will send you a bill to your email when page is ready to be published. Made before payment, published after payment!

Pricing (subject to change)

$20 One time fee per page (with good referral system)

$30 yearly fee per page(None/bad Refferal system)

We can also find other options, Lets talk, Click here

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