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Crypto Treasures

Be a part of Crypto Treasures with challenging quests that leave you on your toes. Unlock Treasure Chests with Daily and Weekly Quests, all while earning and learning about crypto and blockchain. Perfect for beginners too.

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Plus you get 200PHT and 200XP when you use our code!


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  • Play mini games to earn Phoneum(PHT), Phoneum Green(PHTG) and many more coins! Check info table.

  • Spin the Treasure wheel 5x daily and double your rewards by buying x2 bonus with gold coins

  • Play the dice game, roll dice to win gold to spend on chests!

  • Play rock, paper, scissors and earn gold to spend on chests!

  • Complete quests for prizes.

  • Earn xp for large Bonuses.

  • Get Gamepass points for more prizes.

  • Spend your in game gold coins on chests for free crypto! Check out list in info table.

  • Set out on timed voyages for treasure chests.

  • Be sure to use our code for 200 free PHT and XP - 9e8v26t2

  • Need a wallet for PHT try Probit Global or Klever

  • Stake your PHT here use our code (wkmyf6q5) for 200 free PHT.

Info Table and Withdraw info

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