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Crypto Word

Win your School spelling bee? or just think your a spelling guro? Then play Crypto word and earn Bitcoin while playing a fun game!

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Vweeter Limited

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🚨Can only withdraw on CoinBase! Join here for $10 in Bitcoin!

- 🚨Before you play make sure that you tap on wallet button on the homescreen and enter your Coinbase email. We send you Satoshis (nano Bitcoins) for signing up.

-Win more satoshis as you play and claim withdraw every 3 days

Tap or slide to connect letters to form words.

- You can link letters vertically, diagonally and or horizontally.

- The more words you link up, the more points you get

- Score at least 145 points per word to gain 1 satoshi.

3 letter word = 45

4 letter word = 80

10 letter word = 500

20 letter word = 2000

You get more bonus points when you finish a level with fewer blocks left

-also different color blocks gives you more points when added up

Green - 5 points

Red - 10 points

Yellow - 15 points

Blue - 20 points

Purple - 25 points.

They will add to your word score by the letter.

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