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Quicrypto lets you earn crypto by doing tasks like crypto games, offers, watching videos, and answering surveys.

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Make sure you try the Playtime offers in this app. Still the only one that has earn by time and not earn by lvl.

Hint - download app in playtime offers then open new app in playtime offers Then wait you dont even have to play to earn unless you want to.


Join Quicrypto and find your favorite crypto game - just play to earn crypto with our large selection of bitcoin games. Quicrypto lets you earn crypto by doing tasks like crypto games, offers, watching videos, and answering surveys.

Unlike complicated bitcoin mining or other crypto mining services, it’s really simple to earn bitcoin with Quicrypto. You’ll just need to complete simple rewarded tasks and get points. When you collect enough points, you’ll be able to claim free bitcoin or other crypto. No need to deal with complicated crypto mining or spend any money to earn crypto! All you need to do is play a bitcoin game, crypto game, or answer surveys and you’ll be able to earn bitcoin.

Quicrypto offers a perfect solution for people who want to earn bitcoin without spending any money. We provide many unique ways to get free bitcoin or any cryptocurrency but our most popular section is the play to earn section, where users get rewards by playing a crypto game or bitcoin games.

A simple tutorial will guide you to our play to earn section where you’ll be able to play a bitcoin game and claim your first points. With only six simple steps, you will be able to play a crypto game and get points which let you claim cryptocurrency.

Quicrypto offers the following ways to get points and ultimately earn bitcoin and earn crypto in general:

- Watch video ads to quickly accumulate points.

- Complete rewarded offers such as play to earn crypto games to claim much larger amounts of points for free bitcoin.

- If you prefer not to play bitcoin games, you can answer rewarded surveys to easily earn points and ultimately earn bitcoin.

- Invite your friends to use Quicrypto through our referral program to claim additional points for free bitcoin. When your friends play a crypto game or bitcoin games and get their payouts, you’ll earn additional points.

You can think of Quicrypto as a way to mine crypto without actually doing crypto mining. We emphasize once again that Quicrypto is a play to earn platform. It provides a way to get free bitcoin through bitcoin games and crypto games, and as such, it provides an alternative for crypto mining and in particular does not require any form of bitcoin mining.

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